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Welcome to the DOK documentation

Build Status Dok Version License: MIT

DOK is a deployment tool for Kubernetes clusters. The clusters created through DOK can be completely separated from DOK. At the same time, DOK integrates many commands and tools related to cluster operation and maintenance, and also provides functions including removing and removing nodes, Etcd backup and recovery, etc. DOK is committed to build an efficient Kubernetes deployment, operation and maintenance tool.

Getting Started

Feature overview

Create Cluster in 2 Minutes

It only takes 2 minutes for DOK to create a production-level cluster, and it comes with HA(high availability) of kube-apiserver.

Safely Add/Remove Nodes

Very safe to add and remove nodes, including the cleaning of node redundant files, trying to return users a clean machine environment.

Etcd Backup/Restore Automatically

Etcd can be backed up and restored with one command, and the control node automatically configures the scheduled task of Etcd data backup.

Easy to Extend

It is easy to integrate more functions in DOK, such as associating with the internal CMDB of the enterprise through scripts or callback functions, registering clusters, machine information, etc.

Visualization Tools

Integrate the most popular and excellent Kubernetes cluster management tools, such as k9s, Octant, kubectx, etc., to allow operation and maintenance personnel to manage clusters more easily.

Flexible Plugins

Tools and components are plug-in installations, and most tools and software provide offline installation packages, which are very suitable for use in private environments with limited network conditions.